Publishers Weekly STARRED Review

Former journalist Pedreira’s debut novel is an excellent sci-fi thriller set on the moon during a seething international crisis...Pedreira is very good at drawing characters and showing the terrible limits within which they must function. The tension is especially strong in the novel’s last pages, leading to a conclusion that manages to be simultaneously cynical and hopeful. This is an exciting story with an unexpected depth—a solid winner.

NY Times Bestselling Author Bob Mayer

Could easily be the prequel to The Expanse, where natural resources off-world become the target of competing powers and one man is left in the middle to avoid catastrophe—a truly interesting read!

Linda Nagata, Author of the Nebula-nominated The Red: First Light

In Gunpowder Moon, David Pedreira has crafted an excellent near-future thriller. This one's got it all–realistic technology, an all-too believable political conflict, and characters to care about–in a fast-paced story set amid the Moon's austere beauty.

Beth Cato, Nebula-nominated author of Clockwork Dagger Series

A murder mystery on the moon. It's as simple as that, and as awesome as that...It's smart and savvy, based solidly in real science but still totally approachable to laymen...The book is a fast read, too. It hooked me from the start and I had to read through in about a day.

RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 Stars

Pedreira manages an impressive feat in his debut novel....bringing the all-too-familiar economic corruption and personal ruthlessness of capitalist exploitation to this foreign territory, and these subtle inflections elevate an already entertaining sci-fi mystery into a thought-provoking, unsettling work that will keep readers engaged, curious, and possibly  attempting to brush moon-dust from their boots while reading.


While the setting is entertaining, it does not eclipse the true nature of Pedreira’s debut: an intriguing murder mystery with a great lead that just happens to take place on the moon.

Library Journal STARRED Review

Interesting quirks and divided loyalties flesh out this first novel in which sf and mystery intersect in a well-crafted plot...Pedreira’s science thriller powerfully highlights the human politics and economics from the seemingly desolate expanse of the moon. It will attract readers who enjoyed Andy Weir’s lunar crime caper Artemis.

Kirkus Reviews

The lunar environment is the star of the story; its stark extremes of heat and cold, light and dark are a constant presence threatening the struggling miners, soldiers, and bureaucrats...and sometimes awing them with its beauty...Memorable visuals and well-executed action sequences mark this exciting foray into near-future hard sci-fi, which is at its best when framing the poignancy of the desire for peace.

Syfy Wire

If you’ve been searching for a book to scratch that The Martian itch, then you should definitely pick up this novel.

Barnes & Noble

Former journalist Pedreira gets the worldbuilding right, but it’s the suspense that truly keeps the pages turning.

Amazon Book Review

Gripping and propulsive, this tightly plotted story of regular folks trying to do the right thing on the surface of the moon is one of my favorite SF novels of the last several months.

Tampa Bay Times

(Pedreira) deftly handles one challenge of the genre: balancing the wealth of technical detail needed to build a future world with the engaging characters and headlong action needed for a compelling thriller. Gunpowder Moon is a satisfying blastoff.

New York Journal of Books

...A page-flipping race to see who survives and who dies on the lunar surface in a race against time and mayhem... Readers of hard science fiction, military science fiction, or just a good mystery will really enjoy this book.

Scifi Pulse

If this is Pedreira’s debut novel, one can only hope that he continues to write. This novel brings reality back to space fiction with a tense mystery that has explosive results on Earth’s sole satellite.

Looking Glass Reads

Gunpowder Moon by David Pedreira really scratched the itch for a good mystery story.  If you like murder mysteries, near future sci-fi, and politics this is the book for you!

SF Revu

The tension keeps ratcheting up towards an explosive climax that somehow manages to leave room for a sequel amid the lunar debris. It's a good read, and if there's a sequel, count me in.

The Verge

Gunpowder Moon is a chillingly realistic book about the fight to control the solar system...What makes Gunpowder Moon stand out from most lunar novels is Pedreira’s emphasis on realism in the details that make up his world and the political structures that govern it.

Sci-Fi Movie Page

If you are an Apollo or moon aficionado, this book offers a new way to experience the logical progression of where we are today and where we might be tomorrow.

The Unseen Library

A spectacular piece of crime fiction set on the harsh and unforgiving surface of the Moon.  Pedreira has created an interesting murder mystery that combines with a high-stakes plot, science fiction elements and exotic location in order to produce a great story.

San Francisco Book Review

And yet, for all the highfalutin ideas, at its crux, Gunpowder Moon is a story about humans trying to be humane in one of the most inhospitable places we’ve ever been. Whether you’re talking about that core idea or all of the hard questions and sci-fi trappings that come with it, you’ve got one hell of an impressive effort on your hands.

Astro Esq.

Pedreira’s writing is surprisingly nuanced and poignant for what could have been a flat thriller-only book. His characters on both sides of the potential conflict are complex and sympathetic. This is a book that is as much about the costs of war as it is about the Moon.